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The concept of Vlogging or Video Blogging is not new. In fact, videos have been lingering on the web long before YouTube and other video hosting sites were even conceptualized! In the recent turn of events, technology is more accessible to the masses. Both video making hardware and post-production software are readily available to anyone. The availability of video hosting platforms like Youtube, Vimeo, etc. made it easier for the average Janes and Joes out there to post their videos on topics they like.

Anyone who posts a video on Youtube is not a vlogger. Vlogging is different from posting a video of your dog refusing to get off your bed! The field of vlogging remains relatively unexplored by many possibly due to the challenges one faces after converting vlogging into a fulltime endeavor.

What is Vlogging?

Unlike any form of blogging, vlogging is merely the sharing of information with the help of videos. One can merely self-host their content or use the convenience of video hosting sites like Youtube for sharing their content. Similar to a blog post, the audience will be able to comment, like and share the content. The only difference is, the information will be delivered via audio and video instead of text.

Blogging vs. Vlogging

Blogging and Vlogging are the two most essential tools in the arsenal of strategies for both individuals and brands. Both of these mediums of communication could be made use of for revenue generation and increase incoming traffic to a website. Both bloggers and vloggers are trying their best to either promote themselves or their businesses via videos.

The main differences can be charted as follows:

Blogging Vlogging
  1. It is the online documentation of an individual’s thoughts, experiences, information, and advice.
  2. Business owners, professionals, and corporate houses maintain and regularly post blogs for adding a personal touch to their businesses and services.
  3. An intelligent way of tapping into unexplored segments of the market for the engagement of potential customers.
  1. Unlike blog posts, the experience, advice or information is imparted via a short or medium length video.
  2. Used mostly by anyone who wants to connect with the world and share their feelings
  3. A unique way of marketing a product or idea and for adding a face to an entity, products or service.


For further tips, one can refer the following article for insights into the world of blogging.

To Become a Successful Vlogger from a Blogger:

It might be a little confusing and frustrating at first, but with patience and time, you will become a successful vlogger in no time. Given below are ten basic tips to be a vlogger from a blogger:

Create interesting content as long it is not illegal, controversial and insulting, any content is interesting

  1. Ask your viewers what they would like to see Ask your viewers what they want to see in the next vlog. Ask them about their opinions on the content and engage in live chats!
  2. Buy a cool camera For crisp, clean video and audio quality. It is an easy way to you’re your video stand out from the mainstream posts!
  3. Focus on oratory or The art of Public Speaking It is crucial for the Vlogger to communicate with their audience for providing them content that is intriguing.
  4. Be confident If the vlogger is not confident while presenting the vlog, this act destroys the trust of their subscribers.
  5. Choose your audience Set the target group and make content accordingly!
  6. Stop making comparisons Years of professional ethics and hard work led star YouTubers to their current stage! Don’t compare yourself to them!
  7. Edit your Own Videos Third party editing is useful for filmmakers, not for your vloggers! Editing your own videos means it can be presented and packaged as per your wishes!
  8. Engage with your audience It is beneficial for vloggers to actively and regularly connect with their audience and answer their questions!
  9. Be honest and forthcoming – Writing on a diary and vlogging are similar. Don’t be afraid to shed a few tears on camera if you’re feeling low! It adds a personal touch to the content!

Case Studies

Vlogging is the new and exciting way to earn money. One can get paid by using various products and endorsing equipment in their content supplied by their sponsors. It is a less known and advertised fact that Youtube pays a small yet lump sum amount to the creator who’s video has surpassed a million views.

As per the research conducted by the Forbes magazine, the following section talks about two of the most popular names in the vlogging sector:

PewDiePie, aka Felix Kjellberg

Felix Kjellberg also known to his fans as PewDiePie, is a college dropout who has 57 million (and counting) subscribers on Youtube. He is a gamer/comedian who uploads funny videos of him playing computer games. After dropping out of college, he never thought that he would be the considered as the prime candidate for being the youngest millionaire Youtuber – as per Forbes magazine. According to Youtube’s fact disclosure, he has earned $7.4m until the year 2014. He is a Swedish national and currently resides in the United Kingdom.

VlogBrothers, aka Hank Green

Hank Green along with his brother co-founded the VlogBrothers channel on Youtube. They redefined how people looked at vlogging and made themselves a household name after they surpassed the 1 billion mark for subscribers on Youtube.

Both Hank and his brother came forward claiming that they earned an accumulated sum of more than $2m from their 8-year relationship with Youtube. Hank Green, once held talks with President Obama. He declared there that he launched his channels on Youtube with the sole purpose of imparting scientism knowledge to the masses and educating people about the exciting facts of science and daily life.


Top video bloggers are the new elixir of marketing for big conglomerates these days. They are always on the lookout for successful and popular creators for the promotion and launching of their products, services or brand names.

Vlogging is different from traditional audio-video media. It involves the audience directly into the discussion and provides the creator with real-time feedback. Even though vlogging is still in its infancy, it has proven itself time and time again about its capabilities and reach.