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What Are The Best Times To Post On Social Media?


If you sense that there must be the best time to post on social media, you are… dead-on. It’s just that the best posting hours will vary depending on your target audiences as their preferences and habitual behavior must be taken into account. Imagine you sell live freshly-cut Christmas trees. If you miss the advent season, try as you may, you’ll stand no chance of persuading your customers to...

Micro-moments — your new content strategy


Have you ever wondered what consumers should find on your website? Or what to write a blog article about, if content marketing is your preferred promotion strategy? Or perhaps you are sitting in front of an ad editor of Google AdWords or Facebook and wondering: how to seduce the recipient using such a small amount of text and image? If so, I have a great tool for you. Your recipient lives in...

7 Steps Towards A Killer Social Media Strategy


Those who begin their social media adventure often ask themselves: „How do I run a fan page?” Posing such a question limits your view on what you can actually achieve through social media. Let’s look at the bigger picture then. Let’s talk about social media strategy. The companies, when asked whether they had a social media presence strategy usually confirmed. But additional questions revealed...

This is how you should offer your services if your blog has only a few visitors


How do you talk to companies and offer commercial cooperation when your blog has only a few visitors? It is new, you’re just getting started, it’s a niche subject… And yet there is a large group of advertisers who are primarily focused on your reach. How do you change their attitude? Do you sell a medium or your own work? The answer is quite simple: the reach counts when we’re dealing with an...

Branding, marketing strategy & storytelling


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