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Minimum Viable Audience


Eric Ries popularized the concept of MVP – Minimum Viable Product. MVP is a product or service that is good enough for the customers to start paying for it (it gives them a return on investment) but still needs some polish. But adding those finishing touches would require putting in an effort (and often money) that a young ever-changing company cannot afford yet. Lean startup methodology says —...

Micro-moments — your new content strategy


Have you ever wondered what consumers should find on your website? Or what to write a blog article about, if content marketing is your preferred promotion strategy? Or perhaps you are sitting in front of an ad editor of Google AdWords or Facebook and wondering: how to seduce the recipient using such a small amount of text and image? If so, I have a great tool for you. Your recipient lives in...

Listening to pumped-up motivational speeches will make you… you’ll never guess


An article was published by Advances in Experimental Psychology in 2000, written by Mark Leary and Roy Baumeister. Leary today is a psychology professor at Duke University, Baumeister — professor of psychology at Florida State University. The article’s title: Nature and Functions of Self-esteem. Sociometer theory Shortly: the researchers stated that empty pumping of self-esteem is not only...

Mirror neurons


A team of scientists from the University of Parma researched a brain area called F5 — it’s a motion coordination center in apes. Even more precisely: they were not researching all the motion that the brain governs, they were mainly interested in hand-to-mouth coordination. Professor Giacomo Rizzolatti and his team experimented on macaques — the scientists inserted electrodes into...

Branding, marketing strategy & storytelling


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