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I’m an introvert. How do I build my personal brand?


You’re looking for work, but you’re an introvert? In a culture which is obsessed with the idea that every team must be “young and dynamic”, it can be difficult to build your personal brand on the basis that you prefer to do your own thing and be on your own. So you have to pretend to not be introverted, at least at job interviews. But does it have to be like that? People...

This tool will allow you to tame the chaos when creating a digital strategy


My customers, who start a new company or begin their blogging adventure often ask me: how do I start? There are many advertising possibilities. How do you make sure you did not miss anything? I want to show you a scaffolding that I use. It consists of two main parts: a digital strategy skeleton, and something called “the pirate metrics” (a popular tool in the startup world). But it’s...

These six 5-minute exercises will make your personal brand shine


1. Who should hear about you? Whether you’re a freelancer who wants to attract new clients or you want to develop your skills inside a bigger organization, they need to know about you. Prepare a list of five organizations that can help you develop your talents and passion. Try to learn who (a person or a department) may be responsible for making a decision about hiring you or cooperating with you...

Minimum Viable Audience


Eric Ries popularized the concept of MVP – Minimum Viable Product. MVP is a product or service that is good enough for the customers to start paying for it (it gives them a return on investment) but still needs some polish. But adding those finishing touches would require putting in an effort (and often money) that a young ever-changing company cannot afford yet. Lean startup methodology says —...

Branding, marketing strategy & storytelling


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