Narratology — The Storytelling Book

Narratology — The Storytelling Book


From Paul Skah, the best-selling author of “Brand Inside Out” (that won the Marketing Book of the Year) comes a book on storytelling as you’ve never seen. It brims with stories about scientific discoveries, psychology, and social sciences. From Aristotle to mirror neurons. From engrams to urban legends. You’ll learn the why of storytelling before you can understand the how.

The first edition of “Narratology” was published by renowned Polish Academic Publishing, it is a required reading at several universities but it’s anything but a dry, scientific textbook. Paul Skah’s famous storytelling style takes you on a journey that begins with… the end of the world. Go ahead, look inside the book!


Editorial Reviews


  • It looks thin. Reminds you of a brochure with thick pages. But after you’ve read the first couple of sentences you know you hit upon an exceptional book. This book brims with knowledge. I think I will come back to it many times.
  • Narratology does not provide you with a simple answer: “your story should be that and that”. It is the creator who has to gather the building blocks and combine them into a coherent, emotional, and memorable whole. So if you’re interested in telling stories and influencing your readers, viewers, and listeners — this is the book for you. 
  • I really enjoyed reading this seemingly inconspicuous book. It is the real source of knowledge, social psychology 101 supported by real-life examples, based on human emotions. I honestly applaud the author who was able to charge small stories with huge emotions.

From the Author

Words. Language. Story structure. Storytelling to the power of N. There’s a huge difference between speaking and telling stories. Despite what you may think, our language did not evolve so that we could communicate effectively. It evolved so that we could roam in larger groups. It’s not about just telling others where to find food (animals can communicate on such a level, too). It’s about getting enough of us to go there. This is not a simple how-to-tell-stories kind of book. Because — again, despite what some people tell you — there is no simple way to tell a story. You need proper building blocks — words, metaphors, archetypes, story structures… And this book walks you through all of those building blocks. It will not give you a simple recipe. It will give you the broadest possible view of these blocks. Narratology first appeared in Polish, published by a renowned Polish Academic Publishing. It became an instant best seller. Even today, a year from its premiere, it still is on the publisher’s Top 10 best sellers list. So if your view of storytelling was shaped by English-speaking authors, give yourself an edge and see the broader picture.

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July 15, 2018



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