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Infoshare 2017 conference. 5,500 attendees, 133 speakers on four stages. I shared the Inspiration Stage with Mark Schaefer, Sujan Patel, and Brian Wong. I spoke about the crossing between storytelling and artificial intelligence. My presentation was ranked top 3 of the event.

So, you’re looking for a professional speaker?

I was hired to speak to top executives and to customers by companies such as Nestlé, Google or GlaxoSmithKline. I spoke at industry conferences in Vienna, London, Prague, Sofia or Warsaw. I’m also 4 times TEDx speaker.

Below you’ll find some sample topics. By all means — treat it as an invitation to a conversation. I will prepare a great speech especially for your crowd.

Some of my topics

A Stab In The Back
The most important lesson of entrepreneurship

The founding teams of Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Microsoft, and Apple all have one thing in common. One of the members was cast out of their own companies by the others. This behavior is so common it has its own name — a stab in the back. Why is this happening in teams all over the world? Can you and your team do something about it?

The Day The Machines Lie To Us
Where AI and storytelling meet

A large number of small steps is equal to a giant leap. Problem is, we tend to ignore the small steps. That’s what’s happening in AI right now. Two buzz words: “deep learning” (meaning the AI can teach itself how to drive just by simply observing other drivers, yet we cannot determine the exact algorithms it operates by) and “generative AI” (meaning a machine that can create something out of nothing). The effect? Machines can now create visuals so real, they can fool other machines. How long until they will be able to fool humans? And no, it’s not some grim vision of The Matrix. It will have a real impact on how we… buy things.

Make Your Customer Take You To Bed
The Modern Approach To Building Your Brand

It’s a cheesy title, I know. But I can explain. 40% of U.K. adults claim they check their Facebook on their mobile phones before they crawl out of beds. Creating a brand so powerful that it can supersede the need to take a leak? Yes, it can be done. And yes, there’s a process to it. Just like there is a process for creating a brand like Real Madrid, whose fans scream their lungs out. Do you want to know more about it?

Why We Buy?
From The Brain’s Secrets To Success In Sales

There are two ways of answering this question. You can take the “visible” approach and follow the consumers around the stores. Measure their actions and behaviors. Or you can take the “invisible” approach and connect your customers to a brain-scanning machine such as FMRI. Then you measure their thoughts and desires. Both methods offer valuable insights. Good news is: there are some common traits among all the customers, so you can learn from the research done by others. So you’ll learn why it’s not wise to set up shop next to the bank and what is the “butt brush factor” that is eating away your potential profits. And yes, there are e-commerce lessons, too.

The Anatomy Of A Lie
How To Build A Credible Story

“The truth, unlike the lie, does not have to be credible.” So, if you want to learn how to build credible stories, you should learn from forgers and con artists. And that’s exactly what we’ll do. We’ll learn about cognitive biases, the wiring of your brain that makes you more gullible, about con schemes and… urban legends. Yes, they’re lies, too.

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Branding, marketing strategy & storytelling


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