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Thanks for taking the time to read this. In a world where the attention becomes a rarity, it means a lot. So, who am I?

The Author

My first book, Brand Inside Out came out in 2011, it became an instant bestseller. It held the first place on my publisher’s best sellers list even during pre-sale. Brand Inside Out won the Marketing Book of the Year award and brought me the Marketing Person of the Year award as well. It is a required reading at a couple of universities and still hovers in my publisher’s top 10 best sellers list, even six years after the initial release.

My second book, Gamification introduced the Polish translation of the phenomenon back in 2012 and was an instant bestseller as well. Brought me interviews and publications in titles such as ForbesBusiness Week or Newsweek.

The third book is called Narratology, it was released in April 2017. The first print run sold out a week before the premiere. It is by far my best book, it focuses on constructing the stories that will make people follow your idea. I will be releasing it in English soon.

The Marketer

When I’m introducing myself I usually say “My name is Paul, and I make my living by telling stories”. But that’s not entirely true. Besides writing and speaking, I spend most of my time helping my customers tell their stories. I own a branding agency, and I strongly believe that a great brand is a story well told. There are great companies that offer magnificent products but have trouble getting their messages through — people do not understand them or fail to see the value. Here’s where I can help.

Perhaps I can help you, too?

Branding, marketing strategy & storytelling


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