Paul Skah

About me

My name is Paul Skah, and I make my living by telling stories…

Brand Strategist

My clients range from huge multinational corporations such as HBO or SONY to successful startups such as Brand24 or LiveChat. I also help small companies and people with their personal brands.

If you feel you have a brand that could use my expertise in consumer psychology and marketing — contact me. Let us build something great together.

Best Selling Author

My first book, “Brand Inside Out” won the Marketing Book of the Year award back when it was published in 2011. Since then I wrote two more books — both ranked number one on my publishers’ bestseller lists. “Narratology” is available in English.

Public Speaker

I shared the stage with Brian Tracy, Mark Schaefer, Christopher S. Penn. Which means I speak about marketing, storytelling, and building strong brands. I add some consumer psychology to the mix, put some witty jokes on the top, and… boom. Four times TEDx speaker.

If you think I would be a good fit for the event you organize — you know the drill. Contact me. Let us talk.