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The Book on the Science Behind Storytelling

What is storytelling? It is the art and craft of selling ideas. You never thought of it this way, did you? But you know it is true — you either “buy” the imaginary worlds, the extraordinary people, their uncanny adventures… or you don’t.

“Narratology” by Paul Skah
The power to tell stories has always been in you. Tame it. Develop it.

When it comes to physical objects, you buy stories as well. Think of a painting at a museum. You took time to go and see it solely because you believe it is the original. If you knew it was a forgery, it would not have been worth your time, nor the effort.

This is where storytelling comes in handy in real life — you can use stories to influence people. But there is a difference between speaking and telling stories. This you also feel to be true. And there is a science behind the craft.

“Narratology” is a book about the science behind storytelling.

What Others Are Saying

“Narratology” was first published in Poland by the renowned Polish Science Publishing, it became an instant best seller. The book is required reading at several universities. But it is not a dry science publication.

It looks thin. Yet after having read a few pages you know you stumbled upon an extraordinary book. It brims with knowledge. I think I will return to it many times over. The first read feels like skimming the topic.

Patryk Wójcik

Storytelling is so effective in presentations and in marketing, yet few know how to do it well. Paul has done a fantastic job teaching the skill of storytelling in his new book “Narralogy”. It’s a must-read for all speakers, marketers and business owners.

Melonie Dodaro
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