Words. Language. Story structure.

to the power of N

Are you an entrepreneur and would like your clients to value what you sell? Perhaps you are a marketer or a copywriter looking for some fresh ideas that will engage your audience? I don’t have to convince you that storytelling can help.

It’s awesome! I’ve read a bunch on the topic, this is one of the best, and I’m only 1/4 through! (@billy_brophy)

“Narratology” is not a simple how-to-tell-stories kind of book. Because — despite what some people tell you — there is no simple way to tell a story. You need proper building blocks — words, metaphors, archetypes, story structures… And this book walks you through all of those building blocks. It will not give you a simple recipe. It will provide you with the broadest possible view of these blocks.

It looks thin. Kind of looks like a brochure with thick pages. But after you’ve read the first couple of sentences you know you hit upon an exceptional book. This book brims with knowledge. I think I will come back to it many times. First reading is but a brushing the surface. (Patryk Wójcik)

Narratology first appeared in Polish, published by a renowned National Academic Publishing. It became an instant best seller. Even today, a year from its premiere, it still is in publisher’s Top 10 best sellers list. So if the English-speaking authors shaped your view of storytelling, give yourself an edge and see the broader picture.