Hi! My name is

Paul Skah

and I make my living
by telling stories.

Brand Consulting

I'm a brand strategist. I help companies grow faster and sell more by crafting better stories. My clients range from international corporations such as HBO, Sony, Orange or Diners Club International to small, successful startups such as LiveChat. Contact me if you want your brand to grow faster.


When my first book, “Brand Inside Out” was published back in 2011, it became an instant best seller. It also won the Marketing Book of the Year award. You can get it for free now (as I am working on an updated version).


I'm also a public speaker. I was hired to speak to top executives by companies such as Nestlé, Google or GlaxoSmithKline. I spoke at industry conferences in Vienna, London, Prague, Sofia, and Warsaw, shared the stage with Mark Schaefer, Sujan Patel, Brian Tracy or Robert Cialdini. If you want to hire me, see my “Speaking” page for more information and talk ideas.

Do you know what Mímisbrunnr is?

In Norse mythology, Mímisbrunnr (or Mimir's well) was the source of a great wisdom. Odin, the mightiest of gods, asked Mimir, the well's guardian for a sip of the water of knowledge. But Mimir demanded a terrible price…


What's better than a free book?

A free best-selling book!

When “Brand Inside Out” was first published, it became an instant best-seller and won the Marketing Book of the Year award. It is full of practical knowledge that will help you make your brand stronger. I am giving it away for free because I am working on an updated version.