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This is not a system reboot


Think of your favorite band, musician, writer. How much would you be willing to pay for the ticket that allows you to meet him (her, them) in person? But what if you learned that the meeting will take place in ten years — is it still worth it? Probably a little less, but still… Now try to picture yourself ten years ago. Who was your idol back then? What books did you find interesting? If you were...

How to build a gamified loyalty program?


Imagine that a neighborhood coffee chain asks you to develop a loyalty program for their customers. The task seems simple, but the bumps start when you’re trying to determine the purpose of the program. For what is loyalty? Let’s start with the definition and then think about how to build it, using gamification mechanisms, among other things.

This tool will allow you to tame the chaos when creating a digital strategy


My customers, who start a new company or begin their blogging adventure often ask me: how do I start? There are many advertising possibilities. How do you make sure you did not miss anything? I want to show you a scaffolding that I use. It consists of two main parts: a digital strategy skeleton, and something called “the pirate metrics” (a popular tool in the startup world). But it’s...

This one psychological trick will allow you charge more for your products or services


This article will be about one of the most important business lessons which I ever learned. “I wouldn’t do that even if someone paid me” — there are a few things which I say that about. In my opinion, writing boring contracts, calculating how much tax to pay and mowing the lawn are all forms of work. And I don’t won’t do any of these types of work because they a form...

Branding, marketing strategy & storytelling


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